Asking for Donations

Asking for donations is hard. Especially in a small community where you know most everyone and see each other at meetings, school activities, or shopping for groceries.

How do you get comfortable enough to ask your friends to contribute to a nonprofit project or organization that you are passionate about?

I don’t know, but I have realized that at some point the cause becomes more important than you. You know this is vital to your community, your kids, your neighbors. It’s important! And somehow that makes it easier to ask for support.

Most of the time your cause is also important to the people you are asking. They just weren’t aware of it or know how to get involved. They were there waiting to be asked to contribute, to be invited to join your mission.

We see that playing out right now with a community project we have long supported. Someone stepped out of their comfort zone, picked up the phone, dialed a name on the list, and asked for a donation. The answer was YES!  The second phone call was also a yes. And it gets easier, I can promise you that.