Good People Doing Good Things in Grant County

Teresa Aasness and her staff at Families First are doing an outstanding job helping children and families in Grant and Harney counties, beginning with prenatal counseling and installing car seats to parenting classes and home visits; and providing trauma-informed training to everyone who interacts with vulnerable children and families.

Rick Minster, Heart of Grant County board member, is spending most of his retirement hours finding property and funding to build a safe place for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.

Derek Daly, CEO of the Blue Mountain Hospital, is traveling to Monument and other outlying communities to support local EMTs and emergency vehicles that will save time, and potentially lives, across Grant County.

John Day city manager Nick Green is working on a vision of making the John Day River accessible to the community and visitors with a connection of trails, parks, and innovative development that will attract new businesses and jobs to the area.

And the Grant County Library Foundation board is in the midst of a capital campaign asking friends and neighbors in Grant County to support a new county library. If everyone chips in, they could be breaking ground for a modern new county library within the next year!