Monument School Receives Trail Blazers Foundation Grant

Congratulations to Monument School for receiving a “Take it to the Court” grant from the Trail Blazers Foundation. The $2000 award will help fund the Missoula Children’s Theater, a week-long arts residency program that results in the production of a play involving every student in the K-12 school.

The Trail Blazer Foundation partners with Wells Fargo to award $110,000 annually to Oregon schools for a wide variety of academic, art, athletic and community programs. It is one of few grant programs that focuses specifically on local schools. More than 300 apply and Monument School was one of only 24 who were selected.

Monument’s proposal was compelling, but had a hitch with a technicality. Fortunately school superintendent Mickey Lane let us know he was applying for the grant. And when the Trail Blazer Foundation contacted the Shelk Foundation during their due diligence process, we were able to explain the idiosyncrasies of rural Eastern Oregon schools and communities.

Thank you to the Trail Blazers Foundation for recognizing and supporting rural Oregon!