Two Family Foundations Who Have Helped Make Crook County a Better Place

The Autzen Foundation

Mix badminton with tennis, throw in a little ping pong and you get pickleball, one of the America’s most popular growing sports. The craze has hit Crook County and when the local parks and recreation district wrote a request to build some playing courts, Autzen Foundation responded with a $4000 grant.

Some people think of pickleball as tennis lite, played on smaller courts with lower nets and using paddles and a whiffle ball. Others liken it to a giant game of ping pong. According to Wikipedia, pickleball was first played in 1965 at a family gathering on Bainbridge Island, Washington. However, contrary to urban legend, the game was NOT named after the family’s dog.

Long before pickleball was a “thing”, the Autzen Foundation has worked to make Oregon a better place. Founded in 1951, the family foundation supports youth, education, arts and culture, environmental, and social service organizations across the state. We thank them especially for their grants in Eastern Oregon.

The Lora L. and Martin N. Kelley Family Foundation Trust

Children won’t have to be shushed and made to sit quietly reading books in the Crook County library any more, thanks in part to a $5000 grant from the Kelley Family Foundation. Gone will be the traditional bookshelves and heavy tables and chairs. They will be replaced by lower, more accessible shelves and lighter, brighter furniture. Zones will be created to make a quiet place for reading and doing homework, a play area, an experiment and creation station, a science table, and an electronics area.

Librarian Buzzy Nielson explained, “We want to make the children’s library more conducive to learning and play. The new, lighter furniture will be mobile and easy to rearrange to create activity stations to encourage collaborative and imaginative play as well as quiet areas to read and study. We’re very appreciative of the Kelley Foundation for helping us create one of the best children’s library around.”