Statewide foundations award $500,000 in grants to meet needs in Wheeler, Grant, Harney and Crook counties in 2016

Meals for seniors, shelter for the homeless, protection for neglected and abused children, bicycle and skate parks, music, libraries and community centers in the sparsely populated communities in Grant, Wheeler, Harney and Crook counties received grants this past year.

Awards ranged from $1,500 for musical instruments at Crook County High School to $41,450 for Kids Club of Harney County. The all-volunteer ambulance crew in Mitchell, at least an hour away from a hospital in either direction, purchased a power gurney with an Oregon Community Foundation grant. The Prairie City Senior Center received $7,000 from the Barbara Emily Knudson Charitable Foundation to build an emergency exit ramp.

All in all, at least a dozen Oregon foundations supported our counties in 2016. Thank you for recognizing the needs of our rural communities! Gratitude also goes to the dedicated nonprofit staff and many, many volunteers who work tirelessly to accomplish great things with limited resources.