We are here to help

Isobel Edwards Hall has been the center of community activity in Fossil since it was built nearly 50 years ago. Weddings, reunions, funerals, high school dances and public meetings are held there. It also serves as the weekly senior meal site.

In October, when Wheeler County Judge Chris Perry told us the roof was failing and there was a possibility the seniors would be without a meal site for the winter, we made a call to our friends at Meyer Memorial Trust. A few days before Thanksgiving, Judge Perry received news that Meyer awarded Wheeler County a $10,000 grant for emergency roof repairs on Isobel Edwards Hall.

“This grant is a godsend,” Judge Perry said. “We can’t thank Meyer Memorial Trust enough for their generous and timely grant. We also know it would not have been possible without the Shelk Foundation’s making the connection.”

Thank you for the compliment, Judge Perry. We are happy to help. That’s why we’re here – to build bridges and relationships between rural communities and foundations who want to assist but are not always aware of a community’s needs.