Paradise Goes up in Flames

Paradise goes up in flames

Here is new list of items needed by people in Grant County who lost homes and belongings in the Canyon Creek Complex fire, updated August 25.

COOKING SUPPLIES: propane camp stoves, small propane bottles, pots and pans, silverware, glasses, bowls, condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt and pepper, sugar), cooking oil, coolers, garbage bags, can openers

TOOLS: pitch forks, handles for hand tools, shovels,  rope, axes, splitting mauls, hoes, chainsaws, scoop shovel, pick head axe, weed eaters, loppers, hand tools, power tools

CLEANUP AND REBUILDING: generators, tarps, construction grade extension cords with multi splitters, posthole diggers, wheelbarrows, hoses, sprinklers, safety glasses. Some home owners lost their outbuildings as well and need access to hammers, screwdrivers, fencing pliers, etc. to start rebuilding their lives.

BASIC NEEDS AND THE LITTLE THINGS: first aid kits, band aids, lawn chairs, air mattress pump, lint rollers, light bulbs, universal phone chargers, storage totes, batteries, gas cans, motor oil, large water storage, ratchet straps, duct tape, masking tape

The Grant County Fairgrounds is receiving donations of materials and supplies. Please contact Mary Weaver at 541-575-1900 for items to donate. The Fairgrounds Relief Center Facebook page is the best source for lists of current needs: